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Climate-Controlled swimming Pool

Enjoy a pleasant session in our private swimming pool. It is enclosed, so you can enjoy it no matter what the weather outside is like.

Our pool has a staging area, exclusives dressing and showers.

Foto de la Alberca



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60 min.

For all skin types, exfoliation y massages.

Deep cleaning, refines, disinfects your skin,giving a feeling of moisture and softness.


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50 min.

A body massage, lowers stress levels, stiffness and muscle tension.

Lymphatic drainage

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Lymphatic drainage

80 min.

Benefits the lymphatic system, helping to eliminate waste materials produced in case of injury, inflammation and fatigue.

It stimulates microcirculation.

Increases the ability to transport oxygen in the blood.


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50 min.

We work on areas with higher amounts of body fat as legs, abdomen and arms, causing heat with special moves that help dissolve fat tissue.


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30 min.

It is applied to feet, hands and face stretching and massaging pressure on specific points


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50 min.

Alleviates sleep disturbances, anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression, stress, insomnia, nervousness.

relaxes muscles, sore back or head tension.


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50 min.

Improves blood circulation, boosts the immune system, relaxes muscles, calms the nervous sisitema.

It works 4 different techniques such as reiki, reflexology, shiatsu and reiki relax closing.


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Whirlpool (bubble shower)

30 min. (2 pax)

Causes relaxation and wellness.

Libera fatigue and stress.

It works with pressurized water system .

Podal Massage

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Podal Massage

40 min.

Helps remuve Dead Cells.

Turns the blood circulation.

Hydrated, nourished and of course relaxing.

Body Mask

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Body Mask

2 hrs.

Scruble is performed throughout the body to remove impurities.

Mask is applied leaving it for a few minutes to absorb the nutrients from the skin.

Especial Packages

Angel Skin

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Angel Skin

3 hrs.

Body Mask and a relaxing massage.


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2 hrs.

Lymphatic drainage massage and a Podal mask.


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1 hr. 30 min.

Holistic Massage in pairs, and a Jacuzzi ( appointment required and reservation).


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2 hrs.

Masaje Shiatsu massage and a Facial.

You need to reserve and confirm in advance for the massage service.

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• COST: $300.00 BY PERSON

A Temazcal is a house of healing. It consists of warm volcanic stones that provide steam and high temperatures, to relax and detoxify the body, relaxing and detoxifying the body, cleans the airways and tones the nervous system.

It allows you to contact the four fundamental elements that sustain life: air, water, earth and fire. This enables our being to enter a state of complete harmony with creation.

During the bath temazcal the metabolism of the body reaches a leve similar to that of a run or swim for long time. When the body comes in contact with temazcal bath, heat sensitive endings acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter biochemical alert the body that stimulates the action of 2.3 million sweat glands of the skin.


• Tones skin respiratory filters.

• Solve muscle problems.

• Decreases problems with the bones.

• It purifies the digestive system.

• Relieves premenstrual discomfort.

• An opportunity for introspection and reflection.

• Benefits blood circulation.

• Help you lose weight.

• It relaxes the nervous system is to reduces stress and anxiety.

• Helps combate liver disorder.

Foto de Temazcal
Foto del Restaurante La Carreta

Restaurant "La Carreta"

Offers Mexican traditional gastronomy for your enjoyment.

Foto del bar Mi Viejo

Bar "Mi Viejo"

Enjoy a good cigar, a rich and delicious coffee or a nice wine in this bar.

Foto del café La Estación

Coffee "La Estación"

The food in “La Estación” will remind you of your mother’s cooking, and you will savor the pleasure of unforgettable friendly service.

Foto del Tour por Coscomatepec

Coscomatepec City Tours


Historic rout

A tour of beautiful and historic Coscomatepec. You will visit the city’s churches, downtown, the San Diego Chapel, Kiss Alley, and a workshop where boots are made.


Traditional Bakery

The tasty Cosco bread, made in traditional wood-burning oven. Some names of our bread are: kissing, Chilindrina, chickens, Alfonso, bunnies, laurels, "Coscorrones", muffins, cemitas and few more.


wool factory

Warm handmade ponchos or “cotorinas” are produced here, as well as pure wool blankets.


Cigar Factory

In 1894 Mr. Jose Martinez began the production of pure even though the area not harvested snuff, this with the advantage that their cigars are handmade, which gives it a best shot and smoke them easier. Tabaquera Industrial Veracruzana has had Winston Churchill cigarrets, Prime Minister Bretaña. A Veracruz proudly product to the world..

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts

A workshop where export quality handicrafts, saddles, handbags, belts and wallets are made by local craftsmen. .


Tetlapan Museum

This museum features sculptured Totonac faces, obsidian stones used for spears centuries ago, and artifacts from the famous prehistoric ball games.

Foto del Tour al Pico de Orizaba

Tours around Coscomatepec City

Pico de Orizaba refuge


Come and live an extreme adventure

We take you on a tour of the majestic Pico de Orizaba, also called Citlaltepetl Volcan or Cerro de la Estrella. Enjoy an ascent to the peak with all the equipment needed for walking recreational mountain hiking and camping.

4x4 Experience enjoy different attractions in the foothills of Citlaltépetl looking gullies, thermal waters, magical towns tour, zip line, rappelling, biking, hiking and horseback riding.


  • Citlaltepetl or Pico de Orizaba rout.
  • Beautiful scenery and picturesque villages for lovers of photography and painting.
  • Picnic at the source of the Jamapa River.
  • From 8:00 a.m. To 7:00 p.m.
  • Tour time: 11 hours.

Towns Rout

You can see the beautiful communities around Coscomatepec, visiting the first church build by Franciscans in 1524. A tour of history, culture, tradition and adventure.


  • Tecoac.
  • Coscomatepec neighbourhood.
  • Alpatlahuac.
  • El Chorro fall.
  • Calcahualco.
  • Excola.
  • Mirador.
  • Atotonilco.
  • Picnic at the source of the Jamapa.
  • From 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Tour Time: 6 horas.
(Aguas termales)


Beautiful falls and hot springs quarry where you can relax in a natural environment.


  • Tour of the villages on the route.
  • Thermal springs visit.
  • Cicling.
  • Picnic at Jamapa river source.
  • From 10 a.m. to 4:00. p.m.
  • Tour time: 6 horas.


All tours in the city are have no charge. Includ guide.

All tours around the city are priced at $ 490.00 pesos. Includ guide, transportation and picnic.

For tour, you must have a minimum of 6 persons.

You should bring tennis jacket and umbrella.

Any extra information needed for each type of tour will be provided to the guest in the hotel (such as time of departure and arrival).